OmoiKondara HOWTO


Momonga Project

Kondara Project


OmoiKondara (a.k.a OmoKon) was Kondara MNU/Linux original package development tool created for efficient software package production. Now OmoiKondara which is used by Momonga Project has been a different tool from the Kondara-original OmoiKondara. It may work also on other Linux distributions but it is heavily relying on the Momonga Project environment. So it is perhaps not as powerful and useful under other Linux distribution development environment.

Table of Contents

1. Summary
2. Required environment
3. For those who want the latest packages for the time being
3.1. Checking out files from anonsvn
3.2. Building rpmvercmp
3.3. Copying configuration files
3.4. Building packages
3.5. Dependency Check
3.6. Warning
4. For those who want to actively develop packages as member of Momonga Project
4.1. Applying for an account
4.2. ssh
4.3. Retrieving Files
4.4. Building rpmvercmp
4.5. Copying configuration files
4.6. Building packages
4.7. Creating a new version package
4.8. Registering a new application in the repository
5. OmoiKondara options
6. Package debugging
6.1. Packages that can not be built
7. Distcc and ccache
7.1. Set up
7.2. Setup to use both distcc and ccache at the same time
8. Troubles using OmoiKondara
9. Sites for reference
10. Acknowledgement
11. Exemption of responsibility and Copyright
Revision History