5. OmoiKondara options

short long argument description
short long argument description
-a --archdep - ignore noarch packages
-C --noccache - not use ccache
-d --depend "DEPENDS" specify dependencies
-D --distcc - enable to use distcc
-f --force - force build though SRPM exists
-g --checkgroup - group check only
-G --debug - debug mode
-h --help - display help
-m --main - build only main packages (now default)
-n --nonfree - build including packages in Nonfree
-N --nostrict - not use ruby-rpm
-r --rpmopt "RPMOPTS" pass argument to rpm command
-s --script - script mode (convenient for taking log)
-S --scanpackages - do mph-scanpackage to create mphrpm after building
-v --verbose - verbose mode
-z --zoo - build including packages in Zoo