8. Troubles using OmoiKondara

Q. I got the following error when I tried to do OmoiKondara. Why?
Usage: which [options] [--] programname [...]
Options: --version, -[vV] Print version and exit successfully.
         --help,          Print this help and exit successfully.
         --skip-dot       Skip directories in PATH that start with a dot.
         --skip-tilde     Skip directories in PATH that start with a tilde.
         --show-dot       Don't expand a dot to current directory in output.
         --show-tilde     Output a tilde for HOME directory for non-root.
         --tty-only       Stop processing options on the right if not on tty.
         --all, -a        Print all matches in PATH, not just the first
         --read-alias, -i Read list of aliases from stdin.
         --skip-alias     Ignore option --read-alias; don't read stdin.
Please install 

A. It's an error when OmoiKondara can not find its configuration file, like .OmoiKondara. So write one up.

Q. Package I want to make gets skipped.

A. Delete the package's nosrc.rpm in your SRPMS directory and try again.