6. Package debugging

Since rpm compiles packages generally without a debug option when building and archives them after stripping, normally it makes debugging quite difficult using gdb or similar debugging software.

Using OmoiKondara, when you specify '-G' (or '--debug') option it will build a package in the following manner:

Installing the package built in this manner means its binariy suitable for debugging will be installed. So do all the debugging you want and feedback the author(s) of the application.

After debugging, running OmoiKondara with an '-f' option will build an ordinary binary. Install it with 'rpm -U --force' to overwrite the debug-enabled package. It will be an improvement for its file size and performance speed; but please do make sure it works correctly.

6.1. Packages that can not be built

When a package can not be built for some reason and it is difficult to fix, create a file named "OBSOLETE". Then add the file in cvs repository (svn add) and then commit the package with a reason why it can not be built. Then OmoiKondara will not build a package with this file in its repository.

For temporarily having a package not to be built locally, you can add a file named ".SKIP" instead of "OBSOLETE". There is a period in front which reduces its chance to be commited into cvs repository by mistake.