About the Momonga Project

The Momonga Project is the project that produces the Momonga Linux distribution. It comprises of members from a variety of different fields of expertise.

The Momonga Project invites you to participate!

We are always looking for motivated people interested in working with us. If you would like to participate in the development activities of the Momonga Project, please apply for an account after reading the instructions below.

Momonga Project Development

Our work divides roughly into the following areas. Each item below also notes the general requirements of pariticpating in that area. These requirements should give you a vague idea of what you need (or what you need to learn) to be effective in each area.

Package Maintenance
Importing new packages and maintaining existing packages. Packages are divided into groups and maintainers are loosely assigned to each group. Required: RPM, general Linux software package construction.
Development of Custom Tools
Development of Momonga Linux specific tools, such as the installer and package management utilities. Required: Familiarity with system software development. Ability to read/write in the Ruby scripting language is strongly appreciated.
Development of Project Management Systems
Development and maintenance of project management systems, such as the errata reporting system and the bug tracking facilities. Required: Familiarity of system software development, as well as system configuration and maintenance.
Document Writing
Authoring and updating of manuals and WWW documents. Required: Basic knowledge of XML and HTML.
Translation of the manuals and the www documents, authoring of original documents in English or other languages. Required: Language ability (of course). Preferably comprehension of English or Japanese in combination with writing ability in another language.
Server maintenance, administration of FTP sites, and public relations. Requred: n/a.

Tools Being Developed at the Momonga Project

The following tools are being developed as a part of the Momonga Project.

The installer for Momonga Linux. Flexible configuration will allow for selection of a large number of file systems and installation of the newest packages. We also plan to incorporate automatic (scripted) deployment and configuration of Momonga Linux.
Package Update Tool
An RPM package management system. Users will be able to update packages with minimal commands.
A development tool to simplify package building. This system is capable of automatically obtaining needed source files and also automatically building dependency packages.
A wrapper library to use RPM from Ruby. This is used in OmoiKondara, momonga, and other software.
Errata Announcer
Errata announcement system using PHP and PostgreSQL. Announces package updates to the users.
Hardware compatibility database. This is being planned to be built with PHP and PostgreSQL.
An internationalization tool for the Enlightenment window manager.
Several Ruby scripts that make installing True Type fonts quick and easy.
A simple cd ripper and ogg vorbis encoder written in ruby.

Participating in Momonga Project

If you would like to participate in the Momonga Project, please send an email to admin@momonga-linux.org, containing a completed version of the "Account Application Form " below. Please also prepare an SSH2 RSA public key, as it will be required for accessing the project's facilities (mainly the CVS tree).

After your application is received, current project members will discuss whether we can issue an account. For ftp account for mirroring purposes, please refer to the FTP servers page instead.

Account Application Form

Your real name
Your e-mail address
Please specify a reliable e-mail address.
Preferred user ID
Please also specify your second preference.
You objectives, as a member of the Momonga Project
Package maintenance
Please specify the packages you want to import or maintain.
Authoring or translation of documents
Please specify what kind of documents you want to write or translate, and also the languages you are capable of authoring in.
Development of an original tools
Please specify which tools you want to develop.
Project management system development
Please specify in detail, the kinds of systems you wish to build.
Please also send us any links to information that will enable us to get to know you better. (Such as a link to your personal website) Please also specify if any special accomidations are needed for you to do your intended work (in terms of software/server configuration, account access, etc.).


Most all work in the Momonga Project is done using CVS over SSH. Therefore a basic knowledge of CVS is required. Inter-member communication is facilitated by an IRC server, as well as a variety of targeted mailing lists.

If you are maintaing a package, it is quite common for another project member to make modifications to your package. Package-Maintainer relationships are not carved in stone at the Momonga Project. Please inquire through IRC or the mailing lists if you need more information on any of changes made by other members.

If your account appears to be inactive for a long period of time, there is a possibility that we may cancel your account after sending an email notice. Also, if your account is cancelled, please notice that we may decide to orphaned packages for which no new maintainers are found.

Lastly, if you partake in an action that the majority of the project members can not tolerate, your account may be canceled after notice by e-mail.

Please send your questions and suggestions to webmaster@momonga-linux.org
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