What is Momonga Linux?

Momonga Linux is a Linux distribution developed in a "Bazaar" model style among its user community.

Why momonga? you may wonder ...

A Momonga (aka Pteromys momonga) is a flying squirrel found both in Europe and Asia. It's an animal known for a self-asserting behaviour, despite its small size. We, at the Momonga Project, like the momonga, may be small and not well-known, but we do express ourselves without fear or favor, so hopefully a new user can feel our enthusiasm and belief from the Momonga Linux that will be released soon.

Goals of Momonga Linux

Moreover, we plan to use the distribution as a foundation for expirementing with new Linux-based Information Technologies, such as groupware. We hope to enjoy (though we realize that difficulties will crop up) developing Momonga Linux for the above goals. Please refer to the Momonga Project page if you would like to join us in our work.

Please send your questions and suggestions to the webmaster
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