4. Package Maintainers

At the Momonga Project, rpm packages are roughly divided by category. Project members are loosely assigned to each category.

Members can work not only on the self nominated packages upon joining in the project but also on other packages that OmoiKondara can not build at a time. When it is deemed only needing a minor modification, we discuss the matter on the IRC channel or in the members-ML and some member who can spare time resolves the problem.

For the persons in charge of each category, please look at List of Distribution Package Maintainers.

4.1. MSGL

Upon creation of a package, refer to MSGL[2] and make sure that there is no problem in the packaging. Packages that can not be distributed in accordance with MSGL and the packages that rely on such packages should be treated as Nonfree package and we distribute them only in nosrc.rpm packages.

We do not distribute packages relying on JDK for a while as it is not distributable as Momonga Project.

Also, containing GIF files in a package should be avoided as much as possible.

4.2. spec file

Please refer to Specfile-Guidance[3] and follow it.

4.3. Internationalization and localization

4.3.1. Local Message Handling by gettext

Message catalogs should be contained in each RPM package and be placed in /usr/share/locale/lang/LC_MESSAGES. If message catalogs are included in an original tar ball and are to be installed into a location different from the above, make correction.

4.3.2. Japanization

In case an original tar ball do not contain a Japanese message catalog, if there is one done by the JaPO Project, let's get the ja.po file from them. To report a bug in the Japanese message catalog, it is desirable to do so to the JaPO mailing list.

Any new Japanese message catalog created by the Momonga Project should be contributed to the JaPO Project through JaPO mailing list. (Contribution to GNU project can also be done.)

Please note that the directory to place the message catalog should be set to /usr/share/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES and do not use path like ja_JP.ujis.

4.4. Manual Pages

Manual pages should be included in each RPM package, and put in /usr/share/man/lang/

4.4.1. Japanization

In case an original tar ball does not contain a Japanese manual, let's use one available from the JM Project. It is desirable to contribute to the JM Project any new translation done.

The directory to store the message catalog should be /usr/share/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES and do not use path like ja_JP.ujis.

4.5. OmoiKondara

The Momonga Project employs OmoiKondara, spec and patch files management system using Subversion. Using OmoiKondara enables editing latest spec and patch files at hand, making a package with these files, and reflecting the result to the Momonga Project's FTP server.

Anybody without a member account can get OmoiKondara with anonsvn and chase after the latest packages. However, commit privilege to the subversion repository is limited to the Momonga Project members only. If you want to commit to the repository but don't have a member account, please look at Participating in Momonga Project and apply for yours.

For using OmoiKondara please look at OmoiKondara-HOWTO for instructions.

[2] Sorry that currently only available in Japanese.

[3] Sorry that currently only available in Japanese.