5. Original tools and system tool development

The Momonga Project develops original tools that work under Momonga Linux and System Tools for the project operation.

These tools, with some exceptions, are also developed using subversion and placed in the project module in the subversion repository. Basically, a group is created for each project and only the members in the group can commit to and checkout from the repository.

5.1. Original tools

Tool Language Description
momonga C Installer
OmoiKondara Ruby Package building support system
mph(tentative name) Ruby Package renewal system
Ruby/RPM Ruby Library extension to handle RPM with ruby
e18n Perl Enlightenment window manager internationalization tool
font-utils Ruby Font configuration utility
go-ripper Ruby CD ripping + Ogg Vorbis encoding script

5.2. System tools

Tool Language Description
Errata announcer Php+Postgres Errata renewal and notification system
MHCL Php+Postgres Hardware performance and compatibility report data base