3. The First Step

3.1. Server of momonga-linux.org

At the moment, only akane.momonga-linux.org is used as project server. The equipments and the network connection are provided by a project member, takahata.

"akane" is just and only a server machine to the last. Please remember that it is not for building packages or storing files. For any reason a member must build packages with "akane", you should consult in the members-ML.

3.2. Unix group assignment

Once a member account is created, the member is added to a group, momonga. Depending on the member's activity in the project, the member is also added to other appropriate groups.

3.3. Mail Address

Each member will be given an e-mail address as in


The mail address is activated immediately after the account issuance. In principle, each member is expected to arrange forwarding e-mails as follows.

    $ slogin akane.momonga-linux.org
    Enter passphrase for key : (Enter your SSH passphrase)

Then create ~/.forward to forward mails to your e-mail address other than at momonga-linux.org. In addition, please do not set up forwarding to a cellular phone since it is often faulty in many cases.

Moreover, we have aliases forwarding e-mails sent to webmaster@, admin@, etc. to appropriate members in charge of the related matter. For details, slogin and look at the alias file. :)

3.4. Documents

Please read not only this document but also the following documents depending upon what you do.

About subversion, the following documents are also helpful.

3.5. Persons in Charge List

Various works are needed when managing the Momonga Project. For the persons in charge of works please refer to List of Distribution Package Maintainers

3.6. When You Want to Ask Questions

3.6.1. IRC

     server: irc.momonga-linux.org
     port:   6667
     channel: #momonga-en

When you can not find anyone in #momonga-en, please ask for help in #momonga, where we usually talk in Japanese. We are sure that someone will understand English.

[Caution] Caution

#momonga and #momonga-en are open channels. Since anybody can join in the channel, caution is required not to ask or pass some secret matters, such as a password. In such case, use PRIV function in IRC, or ask the person in charge or ask in the members-ML described in the following.

3.6.2. members-ML

When you get a member account, you are also registered in this mailing list. The members-ML is for communication among the members dealing with questions and discussion of various tasks before putting things to public. Basically, communications about issues related to the project should be discussed in the members-ML, not in person-to-person basis communication. Please use discretion to differentiate members-ML, devel.en, users.en according to what you write.

Almost all the work of the project utilizes subversion. This means that it is often the case that another member may modify the very part you just worked on. If it seems that there is a problem on modifications, report it to members-ML or devel.en depending on the problem, not to an individual member, to let all the member know of the problem.

To write to members-ML use the following address.


When you get a member account, write to the members-ML for greetings as well as a test.

Address to send command mails is


It may be a good idea to get the log of the member-ML and read it through. To get the log, send e-mail to members-ctl@momonga-linux.org with a line like

     mget 1-100

as the message text.

3.7. Subversion Repository

Momonga Project Subversion repository contains the following:


Documents like HOWTO and manuals to be published on the web site.


Momonga Linux packages


Momonga Project original tools


OmoiKondara related


HTML files related to www.momonga-linux.org


Management policy memo for momonga-linux.org


Set up files related to commit mails

In the repositories above, admin, www, and svnfonf are not open to the public.

3.8. svn commit Notice

In the Momonga Project, there are following mailing lists for each category of the subversion repository.

  • pkgs ML

  • docs ML

  • www ML

  • tools ML (an alias to the pkgs ML)

When a svn commit occurs, a record report of the commit is sent to the appropriate mailing list.

A new member will be asked whether to be registered to those mailing list or not upon joining the project. Then the person in charge will register the new member accordingly. In case the new member would like to register or cancel afterwards, it can be done by the member himself/herself in the following manner; checkout the svnconf module of the subversion repository, add or delete the member account name to or from the file commit-mail-<category> and commit the modified file back to the repository.

3.9. Project Diary

The project diary is set up at http://www.momonga-linux.org/diary. Use it for jotting down ideas and things you notices during developing.

To write the diary, you need an account name and a password. Please ask for them in the members-ML. [1]

3.10. Hiki

We have a wiki site. Presently it is not open to outside the project. Use this as memoranda for management and operation of the project.

To write and read the site, you need an account name and a password. Please ask for them in the members-ML and they will be given with the location of the wiki site.

3.11. Developer at Momonga Project

It is located at http://developer.momonga-linux.org/wiki/, and used as memoranda for developing Momonga Linux. It requires a password to edit the locked contents, so ask for a password in the members-ML.

[1] At the moment, kazuhiko is in charge of this.