3. Setting up your environment

3.1. svn repository

First, let's start from applying for an account to write documents at Momonga Project. Please refer to project.html.en.

Once you get your account, checkout the contents available from http://www.momonga-linux.org/. You will be asked for your passphrase, so enter your passphrase and press Enter key. Then your checkout starts.

$ svn co svn+ssh://your_account@svn.momonga-linux.org/home/snvroot/svnroot_docs/trunk/docs
Enter passphrase for key '/home/hoge/.ssh/id_rsa':
$ svn co svn+ssh://your_account@svn.momonga-linux.org/home/svnroot/svnroot_www/trunk/www
Enter passphrase for key '/home/hoge/.ssh/id_rsa':

Or, you can use anonymous svn to checkout the docs contents.

         $ svn co svn://anonsvn.momonga-linux.org/svnroot_docs/trunk
[Note] About anonymous svn

Using anonymous svn wouldn't let you commit your editing result. Please apply for your own account if you want to commit.

Doing either of the above operation will create directories, docs and www, under the current directory. Let's call these directories "docs" and "www" directories from here onwards in this document.

3.2. Required Packages

The following lists packages required to edit http://www.momonga-linux.org/ contents:


Required for documents under www directory.


Required for documents under docs directory. Confirmed to work with libxslt-1.0.5-2k or later version.


Required for documents under docs directory. Must be docbook-style-xsl-1.45-4k or later version.


Necessary for documents under docs directory.


Necessary for documents under docs directory.

Momonga Linux 1.0 or later contains all of these packages ready for use.

3.3. Doing make of the contents

Use Makefile in both docs and www directory.

3.3.1. www directory

In www directory do

     $ make

to create Automatic creation of Documents related to Announcement.

3.3.2. docs directory

A Makefile is not there if you svn checkout docs directory for the first time. In docs directory, run a script autogen.sh to create a Makefile.

      $ ./autogen.sh

After that, do make. When a new document is added, in order to add the new document entry, run autogen.sh and then make.