2. Momonga Project Document License

Momonga Project Document License is defined as below.

2.1. New Document created at the Momonga Project


The distribution license for all the documents created at the Momonga Project is subject to the Open Publication License (OPL), excluding License Option A and B.

For details on the OPL, refer to http://www.opencontent.org/openpub/. Japanese version of the OPL draft version 1.0 by Mr. Masayuki Hatta is available at http://www.opensource.jp/openpub/.


The author of the documents created at the Momonga Project should be Momonga Project and the names of the writers for the first version and revisions shall be stated in the revision history.

2.2. Documents created outside the Momonga Project

It is the case that an original document exists and the license is defined by the original. In such case the priority is given to the original license. (Example: translation, etc.)

However, the original license may prohibit the Momonga Project to manage or revise the original document. In such case the Momonga Project will not handle the document. For dealing with such document, if we ever come across one, we will draw a conclusion after discussing in the Members Mailing List.

2.3. License Notation

2.3.1. Manuals and HOWTOs in www/docs

In order to notate the license on the documents, such as manuals and HOWTOs, in www/docs, we add a section, exemption from responsibility and copyright, and stipulate the license there.

For a concrete document contents, please refer to Section 11, “Exemption of responsibility and Copyright” in this document. This example is the case for the OPL.

2.3.2. Files other than the above

Add a line to the file as follows:

     Copyright (c) 2002 Momonga Project. All Rights Reserved.

For HTML files, a template is available and recommended to use.