4. Directories other than docs

Directory contents under docs are written in a format called "DocBook" and files like html file that you can see with a browser are converted from DocBook to html.

About DocBook format we will explain further in Section 5, “Files in docbook format”, so here we explain other contents that are not covered there.

4.1. Documents related to Announcements

Documents related to http://www.momonga-linux.org/ announcement are the files that are to be updated every time Momonga Project makes a new announcement. Currently such files are :


These documents can be mechanically created once a particular announcement content is modified. [1] To do so, edit a file announcement.lang to have an announcement content. From there, related files will be created.

Also, parts in each html files that are not directly related to the announcement, [2] are contained in filename.in.

To change layout of a document or add a new contents, please edit .in file.

4.2. announcement.lang

Here is an explanation of format in announcement.lang, which serves as a source of automatic creation of html files.

[Note] filename

Please note that ONLY Japanese filenames, announcement.ja is not used but announcement.eucjp is used.

This file is written in xml format. Basically, the part that would need changing is between <item> and </item>, so we explain only this part here.

One item element is for one announcement, so a task adding a new announcement is equal to adding a new item element.

Following is a list of tags that you can use within item element.


To identify the author of the announcement. Write in your account name at Momonga Project.


Key information to identify the announcement. Write a character line which has only one meaning in the announcement.


Date of announcement.


Contents of the announcement.


URL linked from the announcement. It can be omitted and if so, no link will be made.

For example, here is an entry in an announcement.

         <title>Momonga Linux 1.0 RC1 was released. Please wait just for a
         little while until they are mirrored to our ftp mirror servers.</title>
When a new announcement is added, execute make and confirm the desired result is synthesized before you do svn commit.

4.3. Documents other than Announcement related

Files other than announcement related documents under docs are written in ordinary manner.

Whether it is html or text, or even if it is pdf or flush, such file should have been created in an appropriate manner to its specification, so edit it like any other file of the type and do svn commit.

To add a new html file, it is handy to create one by editing the necessary portion of template.html.{ja,en}.

[1] For example, something like "Momonga Linux 1.0 RC1 is released. Please wait just for a little while until they are mirrored to our ftp mirror servers.".

[2] For example, a list of "Contents" in index.html.en.