About banners

We have prepared Momonga banners here, which are actually not quite official :) Please feel free to use any that you like. Each banner has width="88" and height="31".


Momonga Linux banner Momonga Linux banner2 Momonga Linux banner3 Momonga Linux banner4 Momonga Linux banner5
momo_banner.png mo_banner1.png mo_banner2.png mo_banner3.png mo_banner4.png
Momonga Linux banner6 Momonga Linux banner7 Momonga Linux banner8 Momonga Linux banner9
mo_banner6.png mo_banner7.png mo_banner8.png mo_banner9.png

How to make a link

You can make a link to Momonga Project web site with an html code like:

<a href="http:⁄⁄www.momonga-linux.org">
<img src="http:⁄⁄www.momonga-linux.org⁄img⁄momo_banner.png" width="88" height="31">

Please change the file name momo_banner.png into the one you like.

You can also put the image file on your site and specify its path into <img src="...">. This may shorten the download time.

Please send your questions and suggestions to the webmaster
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