3. Notes for employing golem

3.1. Install

Name of the package is golem. There is no related packages necessary but if Window Maker is installed your system configuration maybe easier.

3.2. After installation

After installation, use sdr to select golem and start your X window system. At this stage, depending on your enviromnent setting, there maybe a case that only X window system starts up but not golem.

If that's the case, change "themes" for golem. First of all, stop X window system by pressing Ctrl key, Alt key, and Backspace key at the same time. Then edit ~/.golem/golemrc using your editor. Look for the following line near the top of the file

.include "themes/MudGolem/rc"

and comment out the line. And select another theme like

.include "themes/microGUI/rc"

by removing # at front and restart your X window.