7. Auto Mounting

If supported by your kernel,you can use autofs to mount media. Momonga Linux supports autofs in the defaulted state created with software installation.autofs mount floppy disks,CD-ROMs and NFSs upon request and then unmounts them after a set amount of time.This lets you use media-stored files without worrying about mounting or unmounting the media.As the default,general users can only read external media.

Install the autofs rpm package.Then,after starting up autofs, a handy thing to do is use it as a daemon.

As the default,floppy disks are mounted in /misc/floppy and CD-ROMs in /misc/cdrom. /misc is usually vacant,but with the commands below,it can be accessed.

$ ls /misc/floppy
$ ls /misc/cdrom

A directory is automatically created under /misc so as to mount the floppy disk or CD-ROM.Then,after a set amount of time elapses,the media is automatically unmounted.