1. Introduction

1.1. About Kernel Support

In order to use the msdos and vfat file systems described in this chapter,the kernel must be rebuilt.Momonga Linux can handle these file systems in the defaulted state created when the software is installed,but should you choose to rebuild your kernel,do not forget to incorporate the msdos,fat and vfat modules.

The kernel must also support autofs,so don't forget it when rebuilding your kernel.

1.2. Things to Remember

Unmount your floppy disks and CD-ROMs from the software.To do this, execute the unmount command.There's a good chance that files on your floppy disk or CD-ROM will be corrupted if you physically remove the medium before unmounting it in the software.Unmounting is done with the following commands.

# umount /mnt/floppy
# umount /mnt/cdrom