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[Momonga-users.en:00033] Momonga Linux 7 beta1 release

This is meke@Momonga Project.

Momonga Project released Momonga Linux 7 beta1 today.

ISO images of this release for i686 and x86_64 architectures can be found at URL below:


The ISO images are:

 DVD installation ISO image - Momonga-7-beta1-*-DVD.iso
 Network Install ISO image  - Momonga-7-beta1-*-netinst.iso

Plaease use a mirror site close to you for downloading the images.

Known issue with this release at the moment is:
 * system-config-display does not work

If you find a BUG please report to BTS below or this mailing list:
BTS: http://developer.momonga-linux.org/kagemai/

Also please refer to Development Wiki for latest development information:
Development Wiki: http://developer.momonga-linux.org/wiki/

Thank you very much for your contribution to testing installation and 
checking functionality of this release.