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[Momonga-users.en:00022] Re: [Nvidia proprietary driver]

Hi again and thanks for the quick answer,

Sorry for the previous email's messed format :/ Now I am sending this
in basic text.

Seems like I got no luck, installed the headers and switch on 96.43.13
driver (late I'd discover that the v100.x driver wouldn't work at
all). The problem still remain.
Meanwhile I've made some try to understand/solve the problem: here
what I'd discover.
The "signal SIGSEGV" was the installer freezing... and I was able to
realize even when it did happen: when the installer make you a
question and wait for keyboard input (it happen if it just ask for a
"yes or no" or even for "ok")

I was able to turn around this: avoid any possible question from the
installer by boot the momonga's recovery system and:

# chroot /mnt/sysimage
# cd ...blah/bla... :-|
# sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.13-pkg1.run -n -a -q

in terminal.

The installer work finally correctly until freeze asking for an "ok"
by telling me the driver where installed successfully :-S

But now the xserver won't run at all (I had to set back opensource
nvidia driver to have everything back).
I'll try to make a new fresh install and setup again these driver.

2009/7/31 Yasuhiro Takabayashi <kourindrug@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Ylon,
> 2009/7/31 Ylon <ylon@xxxxxxxx>:
> > I am try to install proprietary nvidia driver but get this error.
> >
> > [root@Momo Desktop]# sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.11-pkg1.run
> > Verifying archive integrity... OK
> >   kernel name             : (not specified)
> >   kernel include path     : (not specified)
> >   kernel source path      : (not specified)
> >   kernel output path      : (not specified)
> >   kernel install path     : (not specified)
> >   proc mount point        : /proc
> > My board is an old GeForce MX440... so NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.11-pkg1.run
> > is this is the only one I can use.
> 1. Have you installed kernel-devel?
> 2. I suppose you should use legacy-driver  96.43.13. It also should
> work with your GeForce 4 MX440 and recent kernels.
> It was released last month.
> http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?p=2037370
> kourin