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[Momonga-users.en:00013] Re: my experience

Bonjour, Michael.

Thank you very much for experimenting Momonga Linux.
I'm muradaikan, one of the administration member at Momonga Linux Project.

If you could give us a bit more details of your installation, such as which media you used and what versions of the KDE packages it installed, we would appreciate it very much and probably able to device a remedy for the problems you mentioned.

Thank you very much, again, for testing our distribution.


On Sat, 1 Mar 2008 05:51:08 +0100 (CET)
Michael Loomis <solidago_caesia@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I tried out your distro.  I installed a KDE desktop,
> but when I tried to run KDE programs (for example
> amarok, konsole and falf), they wouldn't start.  So I
> ran them from a terminal.  I got the response, "Error:
> in list-ref: out of range: 2"
> I hope this info is helping to you.  Please feel free
> to ask any follow up questions.
> Yours,
> Michael
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