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[Momonga-users.en:00006] Momonga Project First Anniversary

=== Momonga Project First Anniversary ===

= As of the first of July 2003, the Momonga Project is exactly one year old

Exactly one year ago, on the first day of July 2002, we gathered, formed
and organized as the Momonga Project, aiming to create a Linux
distribution that is "Friendly to Me".

Upon the dissolution of the Kondara Project, we began developing by
succeeding to the Kondara Project's open cvs repository. At the
beginning, we expected we could produce our first release version in
several months time, however, a one full year has passed before any
release mainly due to a shortage of time resource in our project.

Meanwhile we started to hear voices calling for a release of the Momonga
Linux distribution from various organizations and individuals. We too
believe it is about the time to finally release version 1.0.

>From now on, we are intending to proceed according to the following

= Roadmap

July 2003
  -  Update glibc to 2.3
  -  Update gcc to 3.3
  -  Organizing License related issues for expression and description

August 2003
  - Stabilize the release version branch in the project cvs repository
	  - No further major updates in the branch unless critical
  - Collection of minor items like desktop icons and background pictures
  - Alpha test

September 2003
  - Beta test
  - Final integrity check

October 2003
  - Release !

= Developers and contributers are wanted!

We are seeking for anyone who can work together in our project,
especially now to speed up the project progress for the release.

* Package Maintainers
  - To write spec files for required packages
  - To maintain spec files for existing packages

* Document writers
	- To write documents like installation guides, various FAQ's,
	  application user manuals, etc.

* Quality Controllers
  - To check and confirm quality of packages suitable for daily use and
  - To report problems, if any, to responsible project member, or
  - To fix the problem by himself/herself

For the above positions, please apply after reading the information in
"Participating in Momonga Project".

* Mirror sites
    From our beta test release we would like to hear from any
    interested party to mirror the Momonga Linux distribution. Please
    read " Momonga Linux FTP Servers" for details and contact us.

* Testers
    We would like anybody who is interested in testing our (pre)
    release version to report errors and problems to our development
    mailing list. Please read Momonga Devel ML and join in the mailing

= Foreseen versions of main software

- kernel        2.4.21
- glibc         2.3.2(No NPTL)
- gcc           3.3
- rpm           4.0.4
- ruby          1.6.8
- XFree86
- gnome-desktop 2.3.3
- KDE           3.1.2
- mozilla       1.3.1