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[Momonga-devel.en:00037] Momonga Linux 4 Release

Momonga Linux 4 is released.


Welcome to Momonga Linux 4
To our regular users, Momonga Project wishs to express our most gratitude for continuing support.
Thank you very much for using Momonga Linux. Also for those who touch Momonga Linux for the first
time, very nice to meet you! 

It is our highest pleasure and exaltation to hereby release our latest version, Momonga Linux 4.

Changes in creating iso images
Creating iso images other than official images using Pungi and livecd-tool, both are fruit from
Fedora Project, is now possible. For details please refer to the document how to use pungi.

* From Sun-Java to gcj
For standard java applications Sun-Java was included from Momonga Linux 3 but we decided to use
gcj instead since ppc64 architecture is now one of suppoted architectures. Java related packages
are greatly increased in numbers.

* OpenVZ kernel
Kernel for OpenVZ is available. OpenVZ is an open source version of Virtuozzo provided by SWsoft
and is a method of virtualization. Comparing to Xen, memory usage is more efficient as utilization
occurs only when actual memory usage is necessary, and therefore clustering lots of servers can be
realized. It is popular in enterprise scenes.

* Latest Web frame work
Starting with Ruby on Rails, many Web frame work used often for creating Web2.0 compliant sites
are included.

* Ruby
** Ruby on Rails 
* Perl
** Catalyst 
* Python
** Django 
** TurboGears 
* Java
** Struts 

Special feature of Momonga Linux 4

Supported architecture
i686 and x86_64
 release at the same time 
 delay expected 

Following 4 kinds of images are provided.

 minimal system image 
 image featuring Gnome 
 image featuring KDE 
 image contains all packages 

Scheduled production several months after release of i686 and x86_64.

Live DVD
Scheduled to be provided several weeks after release of i686 and x86_64

GNOME 2.18.3 is provided for our consistent preferring of stability

Not applying patches as much as possible to provide bare GNOME 
Updating the version is not planned under Momonga Linux 4.
To try out the latest versions, have fun with packages available from development. 
With collection of libraries like python and mono, custom build is feasible
If requested, packages maybe added in development. 

We aimed to provide a stress free and fun to use desktop environment.

Latest release KDE 3.5.7 
Increased stability from Momonga Linux 3 
Comfortable Japanese input with immodule for Qt 
Brilliant and excellent visibility with less eye strain color coordination 
Coordinated application themes 
Improved menu detailed for full installation 
Complying preference and needs, non Qt applications like GTK+ can be run 
Many new periphery applications 
Enabling Japanese language for the new applications above 
Including Japanese translation files from svn/cvs version sources. 
Employing version including translation 
Employing snapshot version including translation 
For some parts provide original translation 
Applying changes above, Momonga Linux 4 provides a better Japanese language environment comparing to other distributions at the time of writing this release note. 

Compiz Fusion
Compiz Fusion-0.5.2, a 3D desktop environment software merging Compiz and Beryl, is included.
With this package the latest 3D desktop environment is available.

Language setting
Momonga Linux does not set a system wide language thus 

Japanese (UTF-8)
must be specified at the initial login under gdm language selection.

Japanese (EUC-JP)
can be used but for some file managers and applications some functions may not be able to handle
EUC-JP character sets. 
Therefore we strongly recommend using UTF-8 unless there is a special reason not to do so.

We are grateful to Linus Tovalds and all the developers in Open Source Community for their results
we use. We also like to express our gratitude to the users of Momonga Linux and everybody who
supports Momonga Project. Thank you!