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[Momonga-devel.en:00036] Momonga Linux 2 Release

Happy Birthday Asuna!

!Momonga Linux 2 Release

We are pleased to release "Asuna", Momonga Linux 2 on 25 Apr 2005.


!!Momonga Linux 2 features

!!!Many kinds of journaling filesystems to choose from,

"Asuna" supports reiser4 experimentally in addition to ext2, ext3, reiserfs, jfs, and xfs
which are fully supported in Momonga Linux 1.
Please note that a separate partition for /boot is needed to have reiser4 for your root filesystem.
[[Momonga Linux 2 FAQ (Japanese only)|http://developer.momonga-linux.org/wiki/?Mo2FAQ]]

!!!Integrated package management systems

Supports yum and mph.

!!!Desktop environments 

Loaded with
* GNOME 2.8.2,
* KDE   3.4.0, and

!!!CUPS Printing system

!!!Comes with apache-2.0.54

The latest release of apache2 to date.

!!!Security conscious

Services do not start automatically after a sytem installation. The user has
to configure particular service(s) to start intentionally so that
(s)he knows which services are running on his/her machine.
This minimizes a risk of having security holes on unused
and unintentionally invoked services becoming targets for attacks.

All the packages are built with the -fstack-protector option where
possible, which is provided by a ssp patch available at
(http://www.research.ibm.com/trl/projects/security/ssp/) on gcc.


SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) can be applied when selected in the installer.

!!! Packages

Loaded with:
*kernel 2.6.10
*gcc 3.4.3
*glibc 2.3.4
*xorg-x11 6.8.2
*emacs 22.0.50
*firefox 1.0.3
*httpd 2.0.54
*mozilla 1.7.7
*OpenOffice.org 1.1.4
*openssh 4.0p1
*PHP 5.0.4
*postfix 2.2.1
*ruby 1.8.2
*samba 3.0.14a
*sylpheed 1.9.9


Please read http://www.momonga-linux.org/download.html.en and download images
from the master site or the mirror sites.  Binary packages are provided as
* ISO images of
** Four CDs or
** One DVD
The system can also be installed through ftp or http.

Source packages and tarballs are not provided as ISO images. Please
download them when needed.

!!Support period

Errata and updates for Momonga Linux 2 will be provided until the next
release of Momonga Linux.

!!Bug Tracking System

Please kindly report bugs and troubles to our BTS.

Momonga Linux 2 fully relies on the fruits of the efforts by Mr. Linus
Torvalds and other open source developers in the world. 
We also thank all and every one, especially users of Momonga Linux,
who encourages us in creation of Momonga Linux.

Momonga Project Core Team