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[Momonga-devel.en:00032] Momonga Linux 1 _Kaede_ Release Announcement (official)

This is muradaikan. Here is a translation of the release announcement of Momonga 
Linux 1.

Momonga Project now releases Momonga Linux 1, the fruit of more than 2 years 
time since the formation of the Project in July 2002.


Momonga Linux 1 features

Security conscious
As default, Momonga Linux 1 is configured NOT to start all and every services and
daemons that are installed. Momnga Linux user is to select particular 
services/daemons as needed. This is to substantially reduce risks for the 
installed Momonga Linux system being affected by newly found security hole(s) before 
any updates become available.

ssp patch for gcc is applied.
All the packages are compiled with -fstack-protector option unless doing so causes 

Sazanami font
Kochi font was suspended from publication for its copyright viloation. 
Instead, high quality free Sazanami font is included replacing Kochi font. 

Equipped with the latest drivers, like libata, for the latest devices. 

Integrated package management
To utilize rpm efficiently, yum is available on top of mph from Kondara MNU/Linux.

Due to licensing problems, Momonga Project decided not to include XFree86-4.4.0.

Integrated Desktop environment
Gnome2.6.0, KDE3.2.3 and Xfce4.0.6 are available.

Printing system
CUPS is employed.

Internationalized patch provided by the IPA is applied.

Latest version of apache2 series is available.

postfix and sendmail
postfix is recommeded for MTA in Momonga Linux 1 but sendmail can also be used.

vsftpd offers very secure ftp daemon.

Please read http://www.momonga-linux.org/download.html.en carefully and download 
images for installation discs from our main distribution sites or mirroring sites.

Binary packages
 ISO image
   4 CDs, or
   1 DVD

 *Installation via ftp/http is also available.

ISO images do not contain source packages like SRPMs. 
If necessary, download the source packages as required.

Updates support period
Momonga Linux 1 updates will be provided until the release of Momonga Linux 2.

BTS (Bug Tracking System)
When you think you found a bug/error please check to see if there have been any 
reports on the bug/error in Momonga Linux FAQ, documents, or mailing-list archives. 
Please report new bug/error to BTS below. 

Momonga Linux 1 was made possible with the results of Mr. Linus Torvalds and 
developers in the Open Source community. We would also like to express our 
gratitude to all the supporters and users of Momonga Linux. 

Thank you very much.

Momonga Project Core Team
Masahiro Takahata