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[Momonga-devel.en:00029] Momonga Linux 1 __Kaede_ rc1 release

This is muradaikan. Here is a translation of Momonga Linux rc1 release announcement. :)

** rc1 is complete
Thank you very much for your cooperation in testing Momonga Linux 1 (Kaede) beta2.

Fixed the reported problems, we have released rc1. Unless any critical problems found, 
this release will be the official version release of Momonga Linux.

Also, an additional mirroring site became available this time and Momonga Linux files can
be retrieved from this sites as well. We appreciate kind support and cooperation from 
the mirroring organizations.

*** Distribution site URLs
	Original source distribution locations:


Mirror sites


	KDDI Labs

	Nara Institute of Science and Technology(*)

	(*) New mirror site

*** Bug Report
	Please report to our devel ML or use our BTS for any bugs or problems found.

*** ftp Mirror Sites
	Momonga Project is still welcoming any organization to mirror Momonga Linux 
	distribution. To apply for mirroring Momonga Linux, please refer to:


	*We do not accept an application from a private individual.

Momonga Project Core Team
Masahiro Takahata