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[Momonga-devel.en:00027] Momonga Linux Beta1 Release

This is muradaikan. Here is a translation of Momonga Linux beta1 release announcement.

■Momonga Project starts testing beta.
Prior to the release of Momonga Linux 1, Momonga Project is now testing
its beta versions.

Below is the schedule of the tests and release:

	July 12
		Momonga Linux beta 1

	July 18
		Momonga Linux beta 2

	July 25
		Momonga Linux rc1

	August 1
		Momonga Linux 1
		*If any problems are found in rc1, rc2 may be released.

■Distribution site URLs
Original source distribution locations:


Mirror sites
	Currently inviting and welcoming applications for mirroring.

■Bug Report
	Please report to devel ML or use our BTS for any bugs or problems found.

■ftp Mirror Sites
	Momonga Project is welcoming any organization to mirror Momonga Linux 
	distribution. To apply for mirroring Momonga Linux, please refer to:


	*We do not accept an application from a private individual.

Momonga Project Core Team
Masahiro Takahata