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[Momonga-devel.en:00020] Re: Momonga Project First Anniversary

> On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, kourin wrote:
> > Meanwhile we started to hear voices calling for a release of the Momonga
> > Linux distribution from various organizations and individuals. We too
> > believe it is about the time to finally release version 1.0.
> > From now on, we are intending to proceed according to the following
> > roadmap.
> Hi Kourin, these are really good news :)
> I am really looking forward to this October when I will be able to install
> a new version of the road roller, even if I will miss deeply the colored
> cg penguins ;_;
> By the way, am I still the only gaijin reading these mailing lists?
> Ciao by limaCAT
> (working on his multiplayer videogame).

Dunno if I'm a gaijin, but I'm here too ;-)