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[Momonga-devel.en:00016] Re: [sendmail] sendmail-8.12.9


--- HOSONO Hidetomo <h12o@xxxxxxxx> からのメッセージ:
>   > When I was running Kondara I used Postfix.
> Yes. And Postfix is the default mail transfer agent
> (qmail is not suitable for packaging, and sendmail
> is a Zoo package).

As far as I know, DJB changed restricts on qmail's license
and now packagers out there starting to make qmail-rpms.


>'s quite easy to configure and it's also a
> secure mailer.
>   > If you have a spare pc to test it on give it a
> try.
> Why sendmail is still available? Just for my study.
> :-)

You are a developer and you don't think like an end-user
:D. As far as I know, sendmail takes 50% share as a MTA in


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