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[Momonga-devel.en:00014] Re: [sendmail] sendmail-8.12.9

Nguyen Hung Vu wrote:
>  --- HOSONO Hidetomo <h12o@xxxxxxxx> からのメッセージ:

>> Hello.

>> Please update your sendmail to 8.12.9
>> because The Vulnerability of sendmail is found.

> Thank you.

> <shame>
> I am running sendmail:D
> </shame>

When I was running Kondara I used Postfix.
It's quite easy to configure and it's also a secure mailer.
If you have a spare pc to test it on give it a try.

                            Davide Inglima
         "The question of whether computers can think is like the"
       "question of whether submarines can swim." -- Edsgar Dijkstra