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[Momonga-devel.en:00007] Re: International kernel patch

> Yep thats all i think. you know if the cryptoapi is there if there is
> a section in menuconfig to choose a whole lot of ciphers

In usagi's IPsec HOWTO, written as follows:

; NOTE: We use cryptoapi (patch-int- as implementation
; of cipher/digest algorithms.  However, several algorithms are not
; included due to the patent/license issue.

;The files removed:
;        cipher-blowfish.c cipher-dfc.c cipher-idea.c 
;        cipher-mars.c cipher-serpent.c cipher-twofish.c

All ciphers included in usagi are enabled. I'd like to include (and enable)
all ciphers provided in original cryptoapi, but I don't know what
the patent/license issue means...

Anyway, I'll try to add rpm macro to kernel.spec to include all ciphers
at user's own risk.

> and a bit of nitpicking , the kernel.spec still refers to Kondara MNU/Linux system :-)

Oops... I'll fix it in next revision.
YAMAZAKI Makoto <uomaster@xxxxxxxxx>