Momonga Linux 3 Virtual Machines released

Momonga Project released a virtual machine file of "Momonga Linux 3" which was released on August 14, 2006. contains a virtual machine file, "virturel disk image of Momonga Linux 3".
Running this file on a VMware Player , which you can download and use for free, or a VMware Server by VMware Inc., you can start using Momonga Linux 3 right away without going through an installation.

-*- Attention when extracting the virtual machine file -*-

The released zip file contains a virtual disk image file which will take approximately 3.8 GB disc space when extracted.
Some extracting software can not create files larger than 2 GB in size and if such software is used for extracting this virtual disk image file, the file would not be extracted for its full contents and the result would be corrupt.
We recommend to use 7-Zip for Windows and P7ZIP for Linux.

-*- Initial password -*-

root password is initially set as "momonga".
Please change your root password.

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